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nospeakingrule's Journal

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Leaving every character speechless...

Welcome To NoSpeakingRule~!

This community is all about making your claimed characters completely speechless! Or mute. Or just plain not talking. Although there can be dialogue in a drabble there still should be someone that just can't speak. Specifically one (or more) character(s) that you claim.

o1. Join the community.
o2. Check out the tables.
o3. Check out the claims and make sure yours isn't taken.
o4. Make a claim for a fandom and/or pairing.
o5. Wait for approval. This won't take too long. Maybe a day or two.
o6. Begin Writing!
o7. Post your fics/art on the site! (or their links)... They don't have to be posted on this site. In fact you can post them on fanfiction, your own journal, dA, or wherever! Just give the link(s) to it.
o8. Have fun! ( not necessarily a rule... )
o9. When posting your drabbles/fics, the heading could be anything you want, but the post has to have the following:

1o. All drabbles/fics have to be tucked under the lj-cut or fake cut elsewhere.
The Ratings System:

Will be up and running soon.
Just please lock anything that is not meant for children thirteen and below.

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